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Respect the process

It seems like forever since I have written in Kim’s Couch.  It’s not because I haven’t had anything to say, it’s because I have lots to say, and have been working on many projects, including making this one better.  I woke up this morning preparing to write in this really great book and typically before I get started, I put the date on the page, and when I looked at the date, I was reminded of its significance in my life.  Today, seven years ago, my dear grandmother, closed her eyes to us and opened them to God; yep, she got promoted and is present with the Lord.  If you’ve read my book The Chosen Generation, you will recall me saying that my grandmother died on her second child’s birthday and nine months later, that child, my aunt Pat, died.  Broken hearts are real, and a lot of people are walking around with them.  I am no longer broken hearted by the promotions of my loved ones, but there are those who have loss, that are.  We have to learn to be sensitive to each other!  Although December 11 is a day that I remember, you have a date that matters to you, in fact, we all do.  There is a cashier at Walmart who might not have an attitude, she or he may just have received bad news and don’t quite know how to process it.  It may just be that special day for your co-worker, and he or she is reflecting.  We may not know what’s going on with another person, but we can be nice.  We can smile at them, laugh in their presence, and who knows, maybe, it will cheer them up.  Sadness is real, but so is joy!  Heart breaks happen, and so does heart mends.  Tis the season to be jolly is up to each one of us, but no matter if we accept it or reject it, we are all blessed to still be here.  Perspective is everything!  Take a moment to feel what you need to feel for whomever, and then become grateful and show others how to do the same.  Remember, Christmas is easy for some and not so much for others, so as you are out shopping and doing what you do, think about that, consider yourself and be a blessing (be nice & be patient)!

Merry Christmas!


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