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Don’t let him win

You are in a real fight with a real enemy, don’t let him win.  His mission is to mess you up and jack up your life and your relationships, but don’t let it happen.  Be who you are for real and act like you would if your Father was watching, because He is.  You know the expression that comes on your face when you get caught doing something you should not do, and the embarrassment you feel because you have been found out, that’s how you should be now because you, my friend, have been caught.  You have been caught not praying, fasting and believing.  Your lifestyle has exposed you and the way you talk tells on you daily.  Jesus told you the mission of the devil in John 10:10, but you didn’t believe Him.  He told you the enemy’s mission and then He told you His mission but you ignored Him.  Have you had enough yet?  Do you believe Him now?  Are you ready to listen?  It’s not too late for you.  Sure, you have gotten beat up, but it’s not over, don’t let him win!  Get up, get back in the ring of life and give your enemy a fight he will always remember.  Pray until you breakthrough, fast until you have done the instructions you have heard, and most importantly believe, because your life depends on it.  After you have done all that you know to do, celebrate, and give all praises to your Heavenly Father and when you finish, worship Him!  Let your mouth speak words that are pleasing to hear and next time, fight the fight that will always cause you to win, that’s the good fight of faith!

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One thought on “Don’t let him win

  1. valery on said:

    Remember The fight Is already in your hands God got you its a done deal !!!!!

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