Kim's Couch

Dare to be different

Dare to be different.  Dare to be creative.  Dare to be you!  You are wonderfully made, Psalm 139:14 and created to do marvelous things; dare to be different.  The idea that you are pondering is the idea that you need to do.  Stop thinking about it, it’s a great idea and people will love it.  Those who don’t love it are entitled to not love it, but the majority will, so take it from thought mode and put it together.  We are all different for a reason so embrace who you are by being who you were created to be.  Different teaches!  We learn so much by observing and listening to each other.  It’s awesome to see different styles and hear different opinions!  You are not always right, and you are not always wrong, so trust what you know and learn what you need to know.  God is good!  He is the creator of all and as our heavenly Father, surely some of His creative traits have rubbed off on us.  It’s no coincidence that you are receiving this message today, none at all.  In fact, I always say there is no such thing as coincidence, only divine appointments.  I am really excited today for so many reasons.  I am overjoyed about life and so incredibly thankful.  I am excited for you, because I know you are getting ready to create something awesome.  Today is a day that’s full of endless possibilities, so get creative and dare to be different!


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