Kim's Couch

When Believers Believe

I am going to be, do and have all that I imagine and say that I can be, do and have, just because I can.  I listened to a song by Donnie McClurkin this morning that said something like; I am walking in authority, living life the way it’s meant to be, it’s not wrong dear, I belong here, so you might as well get used to me.  While listening and singing along, I kept saying yep, that’s right, that’s exactly right; this is the attitude God wants us to have and the way He wants us to walk.  When we as believers really believe and begin to walk in our authority, we will begin to experience all type of great things, just because we can.  God’s plan for our life makes Him smile; and if we would but believe in it, in Him and in ourselves, we too would smile.  Get optimistic about your life!  What happened has happened; deal with it, learn from and then grow.  Grow into your best you, which can only emerge when you release what has happened.  Your past only has the power you give it, and if you give it power, shame on you, because the power you are giving away is taken from the power you need in your present.  Aren’t you ready to shine bright like a diamond?  Only you can give yourself permission to do so.  Leave your past in the past and begin to enjoy your present, for when you do, you set yourself up for an unbelievable future!  When believers believe, there are no limits!

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