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A World Changer

Everyone has the ability to be a world changer when the gifts and talents that God has given are used to increase His kingdom. There is a responsibility of the believer to not only live well from time to time, but to live well always. Living well has nothing to do with your circumstances but everything to do with your mindset. If your mind is set on things that are above, so will you be and if it is set on things beneath, you will soon be there. God’s plan is to bless His children and give us an expected end, so now comes the question, what do you expect? What are you thinking about on a regular basis, and what’s your conversation about? Remember you will have what you say, so be careful, every topic doesn’t require comments from you! Imagine yourself living the way you desire and live it! The only person that’s stopping and hindering/prolonging your blessings is the one you see when you look in the mirror. Take a moment to ponder that statement and when you do, you might choose to no longer blame another. God is not a respecter of persons. The bible tells us we were all given a measure of faith and we all have gifts and talent, so, with that being said, we all have what it takes to please God while living in this world. We were all created with the ability to be great; however, the choice to pursue greatness has always been left up to us individually. God is awesome! He made it so that we won’t have the right to get upset at another for pursuing greatness, because the opportunity has been and still is afforded to us all. Your mind is a terrible thing to waste, so use it for good and be the world changer you were created to be!

If you missed my show on Tuesday night, click the link, listen, enjoy and share.

Part 2 is next week, join us on the couch!

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2 thoughts on “A World Changer

  1. Ra Robinson on said:

    What an on-time word! Thank you.

  2. Valery on said:

    AWESOME !!! Love it got the word and running with it .love u keep doing your thang !!!!!!

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